KASPER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wooden structures. Its production is focused particularly on trusses, rafters, structures with connector plates, wooden buildings, structures made of laminated timber and other fields. We have been operating on the Czech market since 1996 and since 2008 we have been headquartered in one of the most modern wood-manufacturing factories in Central Europe.

We are a major supplier of wood-based load-bearing structures

Our product portfolio includes, in particular, trussed rafters with truss connector plates, classic roof frames, as well as glued wooden frames and load-bearing wall panels for wooden structures. We cooperate with architects, private investors, municipalities, and carpenters themselves. We develop turnkey solutions including assembly on the construction site, and also provide expert consultations regarding projects, the drawing up of implementation documentation, or the manufacturing of partial elements of roof frames.

We support innovative solutions

We follow state-of-the-art trends and technologies. We invest considerable sums of money in the replacement of our machinery and software. Thus we can offer our customers wood-based load-bearing structures of the highest quality. For example, we were among the first in the Czech Republic to start the manufacturing of trusses and wooden load-bearing structures with truss connector plates. Their use in the construction of roofs of single-family homes, large-span hall structures and bridge frameworks can significantly shorten the entire project executing process.

We have been using the modern Hundegger K2i CNC woodworking centre since 2010. Thanks to the use thereof, we have achieved almost unlimited variations in the shapes of roof frames, trusses, wooden panels, and glued laminated timber.

We are a responsible employer

We are constantly working on the quality of service. In KASPER CZ, our staff are the alpha and omega of our work. Therefore, we pay maximum attention to their education and continuous improvement of their working conditions.

Since 2007, we have been using the K2 management information system; we have also implemented a certified integrated management system (ČSN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001).


The company milestones without which your roof would not be what it is!


Nákup nové pily Hundegger SpeedCut SC3-160


Nákup nového autojeřábu s dosahem až 28 m


Vybudování nové výrobní haly pro stroj Hundegger


Our branch in Slovakia was set up – KASPER SK s.r.o., www.vaznikykasper.sk


We participated, as suppliers of wooden structures, in the project Reconstruction of the Cableway to Sněžka, which received the Building of the Year 2014 Award.


We were awarded the Wooden Building of the Year Award (constructed modern wooden structures) for our House in the Enclosure project.


We extended our machine equipment with the Hundegger K2i CNC woodworking centre.


We started manufacturing in the new plant in Trutnov and implemented an integrated management system.


The new KASPER CZ s.r.o. manufacturing plant was built in Trutnov.


The execution of the project "Redevelopment of the Trutnov Poříčí Brownfield Site to an Industrial Estate" was commenced, and a project of a new KASPER CZ s.r.o. greenfield manufacturing plant was designed. The K2 management information system was implemented, as well.


The project "Redevelopment of the Trutnov Poříčí Brownfield Site to an Industrial Estate" was designed, discussed in the affirmative, and EU co-financing was approved.


We bought land from Benzina a. s. with the vision of further growth in the company.


The company bought a second production line for the manufacturing of wooden load-bearing structures with truss connector plates and built a new manufacturing facility in Bohuslavice.


We modernized the manufacturing technology for wooden load-bearing structures with truss connector plates and bought a MARK VI plate press and computer controlled angle cutting machine.


We were awarded a certificate of quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001.


Our subsidiary company KASPER Polska Sp. z o.o. was set up.


After the rapid development of the industry, KASPER CZ s.r.o. emerged as an independent company.


Within the construction company Kasper spol. s.r.o., a division split to form a separate division "Roofs", which bought a simple production line for the manufacturing of wooden load-bearing structures with truss connector plates.