Traditional massive timber structures02


Traditionally, accurately, and with a long service life

Solid wood truss structures provide a traditional approach in technical design, yet utilizing modern design software there appear new modern solutions of wooden constructions. 


  • detailed structural design in 3D (working, joints, optimization) by exploitation of highly specialized wood-structure software SEMA
  • building timber wood savings thanks to optimizing the structure in a special static design software SCIA, DLUBAL RSTAB and RX-TIMBER
  • high degree of utilizing pre-fab systems and CNC woodworking technology
  • static strength reliability
  • high shape and design variability 
  • high prefabrication level
  • fast assembly
  • advantageous prices
  • impregnation-protected wood
  • environmentally-friendly product
  • high aesthetics of the structural interior and exterior
  • exploitation of modern wooden building materials (KVH, BSH)
  • combination of wood and steel (stainless) – design and production of steel components is performed by companies incorporated within the KASPER group


Traditional massive timber structures


  • roof framework of various types and shapes
  • single or multi-storey systems for family houses, apartment blocks civil and industrial construction
  • heavy-duty wooden skeletons
  • garden architecture
  • mobile structures
  • various atypical structures
Traditional massive timber structures

Company KASPER CZ s.r.o. is participating in the development of a heavy-duty wooden skeleton carried out by a designer team headed by Doc. Ing. Vladimír Bílek CSc.

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