Timber structures with connector plates01


Saving time, material and finance

Wooden frame-work structures with connector plates experience multiple and ever growing exploitation in the housing constructions and industrial civil engineering as well. 


  • static strength reliability
  • structure span up to 30 m
  • high shape and design variability
  • low weight
  • high prefabrication level
  • fast assembly regardless of the season of the year
  • advantageous prices
  • impregnation-protected wood
  • environmentally-friendly product
  • high-quality technical services
Timber structures with connector plates


  • family house roof structures of various shapes with or without utilizable attic space
  • large-span and multi-module framework truss constructions for supermarkets, industrial premises and sport facilities
  • all-wooden systems (housing blocks and family houses, superstructures, halls, hangars, hippodromes, gyms)
  • flat-roof refurbishment (change of the building appearance using different shapes of new roofs – gabled, pent, hipped, cylindrical, mansard and other roof types)
  • solutions of roof hipped ends, mansards, dormers and buttresses
  • special formwork solutions for atypical in-situ (monolithic) pieces of the housing structure and industrial civil engineering constructions
  • atypical constructions (cyclo-dromes, climbing walls, theatres, scene structures, rostrum scaffolding, furniture)
  • transport packaging
Timber structures with connector plates

Company KASPER CZ s.r.o. has registered its Utility Model no. 20697 of all-wood bearing structure for passive buildings (with low energy loss) which is based on the wooden framework with connector plates. 

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